Mid Semesters : Proxy Disabled

Mark Antony delivering the speech

What cause withholds you then to copy once more?
Photo Credits: “Julius Caesar” (1953)

Friends, teachers, campusmen, lend me your ears;

I come here to read the questions, not to answer them.
The CGs that men score lives on after them
The ‘tapofication’ and proxies are oft interred with their sems
So let it be with me….
…The noble Prof Hath told you
The paper would be easy:
If it were so, it was a grievous miscommunication,
And grievously had all students answered it.
Here, under the leave of Prof,
(For the Prof is an honourable man)
Come I to appear in the mid sems..
Books were once my friends, faithful and just to me:
But the Prof’s slides are bouncers;
And the Prof is an honourable man…
Students hath brought many library books to Home,
Whose pages did the general cupboards fill:
Does this in them seem to be a lesser effort?
When the tests were announced, we all had wept:
Imprudence should be made of sterner stuff
And yet the Prof says we are imprudent,
And the Prof is an honorable man.
I speak not to disprove what Prof told,
But here I am to speak what I do know.
You all did get good marks once, not without cause
What cause withholds you then to copy once more?
O Marks! thou art fled to Maggus,
And men have lost their CGs….Bear with me;
My heart is in the next question,
And I must pause, till someone shows it to me.

This piece is a parody of the famous speech delivered by Mark Antony during Julius Caesar’s funeral (William Shakespeare). Here’s a video link of the well crafted dialogue performed by Barnabes Reti. 

Mark Antony’s Speech from Julius Caeser

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Morning Dew

Morning Dew

“The sun had risen shining through the tiny dew drops on the grass.”
Photo Credits: comedy_nose ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/comedynose/ )

Tears were now pouring from the old man’s eyes. I watched in the flickering lamp light

as he relived those moments of anguish.

He had been a young boy, thirteen or so, when the war had broken out. It had been a time
of great turmoil.
No one knew who did it. It might as well have been his own countrymen. But he had seen
his house aflame. As he ran closer, there was a blast. And the smoke which rose engulfed
everything in vicinity. Screaming, he dashed into the house in a desperate attempt to save
his family. Only to face the terrible truth. His grandfather, his mother and his little sister,
all had been gruesomely murdered…
He cried and cried but no one listened.
None dared to help him as he lay on the ground, dirty and hurt, lest the soldiers decide to
pick them next.

Is this what life is? How can everything you ever had, everything you ever cared for be
taken away from you in a blink of an eye? Leaving no trace behind…What we lost, was
anything even real?

The old man said it was. He didn’t consider he had lost anything at all.
He said he had his loved ones with him all the time to support him in trouble. And
he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me. He said it was a
photograph of everyone whom he loved.
I took it and stared. It was blank.
Why, he said, can’t you see what God gave me that day?
On my silence, he responded, my dear friend, in that blast, He took away my eyes. But
gave me new ones. With these, I could see what I had missed earlier.
The world’s beauty was now visible to me. The wonder each of His creation is, I now
understood. The touch of the breeze, the smell of the flowers…I heard joy in the birds
singing, music in the laughter, courage in the thunder, peace in the running water…I
could feel the true essence of life…a symphony beyond notes…
In the very core of life reside love, hope and kindness.
I saw people with valor working relentlessly to feed the world.
I saw people sacrificing their most precious thing for the happiness of others.
I saw people with determination moving the world.
You said the paper was blank. But I could see God Himself smiling at me from it.
How can I ever be alone when I always have Him walking with me even in the darkest
nooks and corners of earth?

I looked out of the window. It had been raining all night long. But it was all clear now.
The sun had risen shining through the tiny dew drops on the grass.

A new day was born.
So was I.

– In tribute to hope

The Story Behind Morning Dew

Morning Dew was one of my first attempts at writing. It started out when a friend of mine, Sarthak, asked me to write something for the school magazine.

“When one is in high school, everything seems like the end of the world” (17 Again).

This piece talks about how it really isn’t…


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